Miles Singing Sunflower

I could actually cry this style of animation is so fucking stunning

I cannot wait to see this fucking movie!!!

I love how the movie is showing that he is both African American and Hispanic. Like this Afro latainx culture is coming out full force in this movie and I love it




everyone talks about “did you put your name in the goblet of fire” being the worst book to movie dialogue fail but lets be real the worst is where hermione answers a question in class and snape calls her an “insufferable know-it-all” and in the book ron is furious and he goes OFF and says “you asked a question and she knows the answer! why ask if you don’t want to be told?” but in the movies they just make him say “he’s got a point, you know” and i’m still mad about it

This is why those who only watch the movies will never understand why Ron and Hermione were meant for each other

The Signs as ỵ̴̢̡̺̥͎͂̓͗̃̅͊o̝̭͉̖͓ͨ̿ͣ͑̀͒͗͂̌̓̄́̐͐̂̕͡u̧̨̡̥̫̭̗̮͖̯̼̮͎̳͂ͬͣ̉̐͑ͅ?


Aries: You are the zulu spear in a telemarketers neck. Unexpected, and mercifully quick.

Taurus: You are the fistfight in the chuck-e-cheese. Far more fun than you have any right to be, honestly.

Gemini: You are the creepy mannequin at the target. Equal parts pretty and unsettling. 

Cancer: You are the blood spattered harmonica. There is a strange story behind you.

Leo: You are peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut with a hatchet. Fashioned of the same stuff, but in a more interesting way.

Virgo: You are the substitute teachers broken collar bone. Mysterious, a source of gossip perhaps?

Libra: You are the Druid at Disneyland. Having a lot of fun under your terrifying mask.

Scorpio: You are the newest drug sweeping the nation. A source of panic for good christian mothers.

Sagittarius: You are the exposed nipple at the PTA meeting. Unintentionally the most fascinating thing in the room.

Capricorn: You are distant booming laughter. Foreboding, but quite the nice time.

Aquarius: You are a hijacked forklift. A tiny, yet gleeful, force of destruction. 

Pisces: You are the barrel of antlers at the antique shop. Full of the prettiest parts of many dead things.



I know I’m That Guy™ , but it is possible to advocate for social reform without sweeping under the rug the very real tragedies and human rights violations that have existed under communist regimes

I get that this doesn’t fit your edgelord communist aesthetic but it costs $0 to reblog this and let your followers know you aren’t advocating to repeat the mistakes of the past




This whole NSFW situation is exactly like when America made alcohol illegal in the 1920s to combat rampant alcoholism and it 100% backfired and actually made people drink way MORE and actually made it more accessible. They realized what a mistake they had made and repealed that shit.

Which brings me to my business proposal:

Titty Speakeasies

Knock three times and give the password “I like your shoelaces”