supervillains fucking hate fighting the x-men because the teams change constantly and sometimes there are??? totally new people there???? fuck there’s a teenager who literally just has eyes all over his body. is he even technically a superhero yet or is he a student. who the fuck knows. how do we counter this shit

When one seems completely non-mutated and they’re like


And no matter which team it is, Wolverine is there. Is it the future? Wolverine is there. Is it an alternate reality? Wolverine is there. Is Wolverine dead? Wolverine is there.

Was Wolverine never born in this alternate reality? Wolverine is there.

Does Wolverine only exist as a non corporeal spirit? Wolverine is there.

Is Wolverine only a philosophical construct used to explain our place in an uncaring universe? Wolverine is there.

Is Wolverine only a theological concept used to explain mankind’s struggle against the universe? Wolverine is there.

Is Wolverine there? Another Wolverine is also there.

And let’s not forget when the villains just switch sides. Last week this guy was on your side now he’s next to Wolverine and kicking your ass. 

The only constant is Wolverine.

There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and Wolverine.


“The musicals had a good, happy feeling, saying that the world is a better place. They say it’s not reality, but who cares? There’s too much reality these days.” –Shirley Jones


How to die in a K-drama

– car accident

– be a pedestrian crossing the street

– jump or fall off a high building

– jump or fall off of the Han river bridge

– get stabbed by villain

– drown

– terminal but vague illness

– slow poisoning

Tumblr Archival Info


I left the python downloader to run overnight on Copperbadge, though it definitely wasn’t going to take all night to run. It looks like third time’s the charm; all 33,000 posts have been archived in a file of about 8GB.

BTW guys, the designer of this python thingy is a coder from Switzerland and I went looking for his contact information or a way to give him money and he does not appear to need or want it, though he definitely is enjoying watching the downloads of his doodad spike. I did go look at @loreweaver-universe ‘s original post and guess what, they have a patreon and a paypal, so if you used the tutorial I reblogged earlier, maybe throw some cash moneys their way given how helpful that was. 

Anyway, the downloader. It stores four folders for each username: archive, media, posts, and style (which is just anything you used to customize your blog with – mine just had my icon). 

Archive has the entire tumblr stashed by month and page, so for example you can open the sixth page of posts you made in June 2014. 

Media is all the images both from original posts and reblogs, which is nice; it doesn’t appear to have downloaded video or audio which is to be expected (and would make the download pretty unwieldy). 

Posts has separate files for every public post (you never log in using Python, so it can only archive what someone else using your tumblr could see), which is nice because if you set your folder search function to scan in-file text, your tumblr archive is now fully searchable. 

Both Archive and Posts include the notes count on each post, but not any other notes data – comments, reblogs, and likes don’t show up, which as I’ve said before is just as well given the number of notes some posts will have. They also include the tags on each post, but sadly the tag links aren’t internal – if you open one post and click on a tag in it, the link takes you to the live tumblr site. Which makes sense, coding the tags to be internally linked to each other would be nightmarish. 

One nice thing about the Posts file is that the html file for each post is datestamped – if you look at “date modified” for the post you will see the date it was originally posted, which is super cool for finding things by era. 

Anyway, it’s an efficient, effective doodad for getting all your original content down in a reasonably organized and readable format, so do recommend!